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"Industry view: branding weaknessBut industry insiders believe that the real reason for Chongqing to send women in the new century, suffered " Waterloo " is the brand weakness. Where can i find cheap Moncler Double-Sided Vests Orange White When any of the Chongqing Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Huang Qifan encourage enterprises to take the group , the brand of the road.In addition to the exhibition , also held a " Yang clothing trends released show", " Zhang Xiaohui clothing trends released show ", "NY European integration brand clothing trends released show" and other activities, to build domestic and foreign brands , "Please come in, go out "fashion exchange platform."MADEINCHINA" was once synonymous with cheap clothing , but in recent years with rising labor costs in China , many foreign brands or domestic brands of apparel production shifting to Bangladesh , Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries , "MADEINBANGLA", "MADEINSRILANKA" the T-shirts , shirts in the domestic market , has been replaced by "MADEINCHINA", a major source of cheap clothing ." The next 10 years will be 10 years throughout Chinas retail gold .However, due to Chinas animation industry has been unable to form industrial works narrow subject matter , in the form of a single , there is no scale , the lack of market competitiveness.

A spokesman for the group said that China -made image has been greatly improved , no longer a symbol of low quality . Moncler Mens In Down Branson Doudoune Light Gray Jackets Sinus Huai Shan ( China Department Store General Manager ) 1 .However, the prospect of a number of other high-end brands is not so optimistic.Chen Yongfang also remind the business , despite the " Directory" has been ahead of checks, but companies before making investment decisions need to undertake a feasibility study based on more targeted project-specific circumstances .Bangladeshi workers a monthly salary of only 600 yuan is the first batch of new high Nantong Bangladesh garment factory opened domestic companies , the companys chairman Tang Qun , 1994 because of the clothing business , he visited Bangladesh, Bangladesh s garment manufacturing was very backward , will produce some beach pants , T -shirts, no domestic garment enterprises will want to invest and build factories there .Head of the Chinese luxury goods consulting the European Philip Greenough (PHILIP GUARINO) , said increased Outlets showed China s luxury market is maturing, becoming more and more of Europe .

In other words, to obtain a green label affixed to these two products can not worry about the EU textile limit requirements contained hazardous substances .It is understood , LIVINGPLAZA Aeon Stores Daiso Japan to develop new retail formats , the "$ 10 shop " model because of cheap, long popular in Japan and Hong Kong, China . Moncler Fur#2 Men Coats Coffee On this day, Shanghai calm face of the retail market .Second, can properly raise prices to gain more profits.Experts predict that in 2013 the scale of Chinas year on year growth of cross-border e-commerce transactions will reach about 30%.If like to engage in image projects : POS machines are all color screen ; flooring , ceiling are from Korea LG; store shelves, decoration offer, also alarmingly high.

Buy Discount Moncler Womens Vest In Red Gaelle Down If the transaction does not match the time it certainly has problems , consumers can really judge the authenticity of the invoice through advertising details.Means of nine men from the multi- brand watch business , more diverse.these foreign department stores in new Chongbai the front of the "native chiefs ", is no fighter momentum century .

By then, the country s largest listed companies in the retail crown must go to him , Chongqing Department Store industry s market share is about 70% reverted to it in the bag., chairman of the Chongqing section of far-red section , said 30 years ago , Chongqing garment industry in the country already has a certain reputation, but very few people like the local Chongqing Chongqing manufacture of clothes, because ordinary people do not want to spend money on buying clothes , while the rich prefer big brands or "foreign goods .In fact, the Chongqing Department Store in December 2010 has just completed a major reorganization of assets , the controlling shareholder of the new century department store into the listed company , the company created the absolute leading position in the retail industry in Chongqing .Few people closer look at their own doorstep which hypermarkets are funded or foreign . Buy Discount Moncler Womens Vest In Red Gaelle Down Revenue strive type of consumer is also lower than the general level , mainly living in the second and third tier cities , focusing on social status, who are keen to promising future or people with powerful contacts , enjoy luxury, but are not considered a necessity , unwilling best buy the most expensive product, but find ways to Amoy cheap luxury.